Final Letter

December 13, 2016

Dear Morgan,

I have just recently finished a Cell Biology course with Dr. Christina Steel. The class was very interesting and helped me to develop a better understanding of how cells contribute to the body. In the course the topics are made interesting through videos shown in class, class representations, homework assignments, and quizzes. My favorite thing about the class was that we got to do Scientific Literacy assignments to help us understand the topics being discussed. We had two and they were both very interesting, but the Guavedoces assignment was by far my favorite. Dr. Steel introduced us to the finding in class and to read more about it was mind blowing. I never knew something of that sort could occur so it is worth looking in to. We also got to write a personal paper in which we picked our own topic to relate back to cells. In the beginning, I chose to explore how cells contribute to diseases and I wanted to somehow relate it to the brain. I changed my topic as the course went on to migraine headaches and how they contribute to cells. Over the summer when I conducted research, I focused on the cells of the brain so this topic related more closely to what I initially wanted to research further. I learned that migraine headaches can result in brain damage as the patient ages. Cell Biology was everything I expected it to be and I would highly recommend taking this course because it will expand your mind to a broader world of science.


Your future self


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