Scientific Writing Proposal

Morgan Roney

BIOL293- Cell Biology

TR 11:00-12:15

September 6, 2016

Scientific Writing Proposal

My name is Morgan Roney and I am a Junior here at Old Dominion University. I am majoring in Biology with a pre-veterinary focus and have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at the university. I was drawn to major in Biology because I am very interested in the study of life and all of the various roles played by different organisms. I believe that it is interesting how each living organism has similar characteristics, but are unique at the same time. I was drawn closer to the major when I became an ambassador for the College of Sciences. As an ambassador, I get to express my interests in Biology to prospective students. The College of Sciences has also helped with ensuring that the major was the right one for my chosen career field.  Because Biology is so broad, there are many different routes available when it comes to careers and research.

In this course, I want to learn more about cells and how they contribute to the body, as well as the immune responses to various diseases. I became more interested in cells over the summer during my ten-week research internship at Virginia Tech. My research there involved Herpes Simplex Virus II Latency Associated Promoter 2 and how it contributes to neuron specificity of infection. Due to my research experience, my knowledge has expanded heavily in the study of neurons and how they work. I also have an interest in how cells contribute to different diseases and how the immune system responds to the various diseases.

My goal by the end of the course is to understand more about how cells contribute to the body as a whole, as well as the brain. I need to follow up on this because it will help in personal use and I will be more informed about how the immune system reacts to certain illnesses. Because I come from a family with various sicknesses/diseases, I have become curious about how the diseases contribute to their bodies and how exactly the sickness came about. I would like to have the ability to know more about the sicknesses in their time of need. I will relate this to course objective number two, because I am interested in seeing how cells respond to stimuli in their environments.




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